step 1: Kjøp opp iSEKK
You can now easily remove construction waste.
You don´t have to transport the waste yourself.
You avoid containers, and the waste is sorted.
We offer bag solutions!
  • It´s easy
  • It saves time
  • It saves space
  • It´s reasonable
  • It´s environmentally friendly
  • It offers opportunities for recycling 
2: Ring iSEKK
Get rid of garden waste, clear out your storage and loft, or throw away your old kitchen floor.
How to use iSEKK:
  1. Buy iSEKK in a
    shop that sells our bags.
  2. Make your iSEKK bag easily available for a crane to collect (up to 10m. from a crane).
  3. Call iSEKK on 22 65 61 00,
    and agree a collection
  4. iSEKK weighs each bag and registers the bag number and the contents, we then drive it to the recycling depot for further sorting and treatment.
  5. iSEKK invoices the cost of transporting the bags and the drop-off charge for the waste.
3: iSEKK henter
ISEKK helps tradesman and others to remove their waste.
ISEKK helps tradesman and others to remove their waste.
When the bag is full, the customer calls ISEKK, and we come and collect it. Today many tradesmen use valuable time to remove waste. With ISEKK this is completely unnecessary.
See price examples
We also deliver containers.
iSEKK offers a fixed price on a 10 m³ container.
Enquire about prices for a 5, 10, 15 and 35 m³ container.
iSEKK video
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