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You can order collection here. iSEKK collects waste Monday to Friday from 0800 to 1600. The bags get picked up by a crane and it is important that you place the bags where they can be easily accessed by the crane, max 10 meters. The bags are normally collected within 1,5 working days from when the order is received.

You can order a collection by calling 22 65 61 00, or by using the form below:

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  • - Specific delivery/pick up date (If nothing is noted we will deliver / pick up as soon as possible after receiving the order).
  • - Bags must stand not more than 10 meters from where the truck can access. The truck is 3m wide and 7m long.
  • - Instruction to access the bags, do you need a smaller truck? For the small truck there is an extra fee of NOK 625,- per trip.
Concrete / brick / mortar that is believed to be surface treated with paint, brush or other before 1970 may be presumed to contain contaminants such as PCB, Zinc, lead and oil emulsions.
Waste containing these substances should be treated as hazardous waste, and must be declared as well as delivered to approved reception.
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