step 1: Kjøp opp iSEKK
iSEKK is an alternative to a container, which makes sorting easier. Try our bags.
  • easy to use
  • save time by having the bag available
  • space saving
  • good prices
  • environmentally friendly sorting
step 2: Fyll opp iSEKK
Get rid of garden waste, old rubbish in your storage and loft, or throw out the old kitchen floor.
With iSEKK it´s easy to get rid of your waste.
Before filling up the bag, make it accessible for the crane.
Where to place an iSEKK?
step 3: Ring iSEKK
You don´t have to transport your own waste.
Order collection 
We also provide containers. iSEKK offers a fixed price for private customers on a 5,10 and 20m³ containers.
Enquire about prices for other containers

Fixed price: 4,200 NOK* incl. vat
10 m3 container
  • delivering
  • collection and emptying
  • 5 days rental
* Max 1500 kg. An additional fee will be charged for container over 1500 kg.

Order a container
iSEKK video
iSEKK sekker
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