Standard iSEKK

Standard iSEKK

This bag has a capacity of 0,8 m3 or 1,3 tonnes. It can be filled with concrete residues, bricks, gypsum residues, bath fixtures or whatever!
Price: From kr 125,- pr. stk. exc vat
Tralle iSEKK

Trolley iSEKK

This bag can take up to 160 liters or 1 tonne, and is made for a bag trolley. Put the bag on the trolley by the demolition object, fill the bags and move them to a place they can be picked up by the crane. Especially suitable for heavy soils.
Price: From kr 110,- pr. stk. exc vat
Stor iSEKK

Large iSEKK

This bag can contain up to 2,2m3, is 2,2 meters long, 1 meter wide and 1 meter tall and takes 1 tonne. This is a flexible bag for woodwork, gypsum, doors and most things but not suitable for heavy masses.
Price: From kr 155,- pr. stk. exc vat
Container iSEKK


iSEKK offers all types of containers:
  • 5 m³ container
  • 10 m³ container
  • 20 m³ container
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