Prohibition of black garbage bags

Isekk AS has introduced a ban on delivering waste in black or colored garbage bags. In addition, there is an increase in deviations in the delivery of all types of batteries in waste.

New requirements from our Reception facilities with effect from 01.09.2019

Prohibition on delivering waste in black / colored garbage bags (not transparent). The consequence of delivery will be deviations in the receipt control.

Why do we do this?

Black garbage bags (colored / non transparent)
Delivery of waste in black bags makes it difficult to carry out a proper reception check in line with concessions. It is impossible to see the contents without manually opening the bags, which is both expensive and difficult to implement with regard to HSE. It is also known that this has been exploited by the fact that black bags have hidden hazardous waste, including lithium batteries which represent a major problem in relation to fire safety. The initiative for this started at municipal and inter-municipal environmental stations and most municipalities have now established this practice. The same has been done by several of the reception facilities.

Use only transparent bags

It is still allowed to collect waste in garbage bags, but these must be transparent so as not to incur non-compliance fees.

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