What should not be thrown into mixed waste?

Below is a list of what you are NOT allowed to throw into the iSEKK bags or containers.

Use only transpararent garbagebags
It’s no longer allowed to deliver waste in black or colored garbage bags, if you collect waste in garbage bags which will be thrown in iSekk-bags or container they have to be transparent.
Dangerous waste etc
Asbestos, Paint, solvents, waste oil, batteries, spray cans, glue, cleaning products, roofing felt, phthalates / floor coverings, vinyl, pentachlorophenol bathroom panels, insulation with KFC / KFHK / PUR / XPS, glazing windows produced after 1965, flytende avfall, m.m.
Cables are EE waste but must be sorted separately.
Wet organic
Food waste
Infectious waste
Needles and cannulas, blood bags and laboratory waste, used bandages etc.
Ammunition, dynamite, caps, pressure vessels and fireworks etc.
Radioactive substances
Radioactive substances marked with the radioactive symbol
Cooling appliances
All types of fridges and refrigerators
All types of tyres

Most of these fractions you can drop off yourself at no added cost at your local waste space. Contact them for more information.

We´d like to remind you that if you´re using iSEKK to get rid of pure fractions, like garden waste, stone or wood, you must NOT throw any other waste in the same iSEKK, because the contents of the bag will then be priced as mixed waste (only relates to the bag where you have mixed the waste).

In the unlikely event you should not follow these guidelines, you will be invoiced an additional 625 kr per exception.

Electrical, impregnated wood, insulation and plaster
Electrical waste, impregnated wood, insulation and plaster cannot be mixed with other waste, but must be disposed of in a separate iSEKK. Non-conformance fees will be charged where these types of waste are mixed with other waste.

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact us on telephone 22 65 61 00.

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