Where does the waste go?

ISEKK cooperates with Norsk Gjenvinning about treatment of the waste which is collected by ISEKK at Østlandet. Norsk Gjenvinning is a leading total supplier of waste handling in Norway.

Mixed waste
Contains unsorted waste and can consist of almost any type of waste. The waste gets emptied at a sorting plant where the different factions get picked up. Afterwards the remaining waste gets reclaimed (10%), used as energy (75%) or goes to a depot (15%).
Gets sent to a paper plant where the returned paper gets used as feedstock in the production of new paper (100% reclaimed waste). 1 tonne of paper saves ca 18 trees.
Gets sent to a paper factory which reclaims the material (100%) and uses it in the production of new paper and corrugated cardboard. The fibres can be reclaimed 5 to 8 times.
Gets sent to sorting and then reclaimed as waste (100%).
Gets sent to a smelter and steelworks which reclaim the material (100%) to be used as for example engine parts, nails and rebar.
Grinded and used as biofuel (100% reclaimed).
The gypsum gets distinguished from the cardboard and treated on the surface. The gypsum powder gets used as biofuel in the production of new gypsum plates.
The plastic gets grinded, washed and degranulated to enable recycling (50%). Examples of new plastic products are plastic bags, toys, containers etc.
These are rocks, mud and crushed stone from construction sites. The fillers are checked for pollution and gets sent to a depot if no local solution is available. The mass can be recycled as overfilling mass or construction material for filling.
Eletronic waste
All types of electronic and electronic waste which can be connected to the power net. Data equipment, brown goods, white goods, light sources, lamps, electronic tools, cables and cords, smoke detectors, medical equipment etc.
NB: The following cannot be mixed with other waste.
Impregnated wood
Sleepers, telephone polls, impregnated garden furniture and such things
NB: The following cannot be mixed with other waste.
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