Frequent questions

Where can I buy iSEKK bags?
See our list of dealers who sell iSEKK bags.
What is gardening waste?
You can throw away anything that grows in the garden. Branches and trunks must not have a diameter exceeding 15 cm. If wider, it is considered woodwork, which can be thrown away as pure wood or is considered mixed waste. Bin bags with leaves etc must be emptied, because you can only have pure garden waste in the bags, and not plastic bags or similar waste with the garden waste. If plastic bags are found amongst the gardening waste the contents of the bag will be recorded as mixed waste and you will need to pay a higher price.
What can be thrown in iSEKK?
In an iSEKK of mixed waste you can throw away most things except:
  • Paint, varnish, solvents, explosives, batteries, electronic/electronic waste (EE-waste), white goods, fluorescent, acid and other dangerous waste (hazardous waste).
  • If we find such waste as described above the iSEKK bags will be charged a fee of 500 kr per exception/iSEKK and the cost of removing the waste. The price here depends on what type of waste we find.
  • Car tyres without alloys will be charged 300 kr, per tyre.
  • Refrigerators- Refrigerators/box will be charged 500 kr per item.
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