Source separating

Source separating is a necessary measure to reduce the amount that goes to depos, so that most of the waste you deliver to ISEKK will be used again and reclaimed.
We all want a better environment and those with construction waste have the choice! Instead of having a container with mixed waste you can buy 3 or 4 bags where you can put each type of construction waste in an ISEKK, so that the fractions are clean (pure type of construction waste) in each ISEKK.

ISEKK has different types of bags customised to different types of construction waste, see more information about iSEKK´s bags under products.
iSEKK cooperates with Norsk Gjenvinning about treatment of the collected waste at Østlandet. Norsk Gjenvinning is a leading total supplier of waste handling in Norway, and has approved areas to receive and treat waste in several areas.

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