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Recycling is a necessary measure to reduce the amount that goes to landfills, so that as much as possible of the waste you deliver to ISEKK goes to reuse and recycling.

We all want a better environment and you who have construction waste have the choice! Instead of having a container with mixed waste, you can now buy 3 or 4 bags where you can put each type of construction waste in separate iSEKK bags, so that there are clean fractions (pure types of construction waste) in each iSEKK bag.

iSEKK has different types bags that are adapted to the different types of construction waste, see more information about the iSEKK bags in our product catalogue.

iSEKK collaborates with Norsk Gjenvinning on the treatment of waste collected by iSEKK in eastern Norway. Norsk Gjenvinning is a leading company within waste management in Norway, and has approved reception and treatment facilities for waste in a number of places.