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Take responibility

Picture of an iSEKK bag

Do not throw away things that others may enjoy, consider recycling stations for reuse and think of the environment. We will gladly handle everything else.

Be considerate of the neighborhood and passers-by. Do not place the bags in a way that may inconvenience others and order pick-up as soon as the bag is full.

It’s very important not to place bags with flammable waste up against house walls, due to fire hazards.

The fire service's advice when using a «container-bag»

Ordinary open containers must be placed at least five meters from buildings.

When using a bag, you must keep in mind that the bag itself is flammable, meaning the bag itself can go up in flames.

People need to plan the use of the bag. The fire service encourages people not to fill it up with waste until they have the collection ready.

The bags must not be left unattended, especially overnight.

If it is left overnight, it must be moved well away from the building, at least five meters. At the same time, one must think about accessibility for the fire service and others in the city.

Source: Oslo Fire and Rescue Service

The solution is to plan ahead, if you have any difficulties placing the bag, call us in advance and arrange a pick-up. We operate from early morning and late at night every working day so we will help you get rid of the bag quickly.


IN FULL FIRE: The fire and rescue service in Oslo shows how well such a bag can burn. The bag is filled with typical waste the fire brigade sees in such bags around the city: planks, some cardboard and other combustible material. It does not take long before there is a full-scale fire.

Picture of an ongoing fire