Take responsibility

Don´t throw away things others can enjoy.
Think reuse and environment.
All the rest we will of course take care of.
Take into account neighbours and passers by.
Don't place the bags where they are a hindrance or in the way for others and order collection as soon as you have filled the bag.
Important information:
Bags with combustible waste must not be placed against the wall of a house because of fire risk.

It is very important that the bag is not placed under a tram cable or other power cable.
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Nrk Video
IN FIRE: Fire and rescue agency in Oslo shows how well such a bag can burn. The bag is filled with typical waste that the fire department can find in such bags in town: boards, some cardboard and other flammable materials. It does not take long before it is all in fire.

Fire service advice about the use of "container-bags"

Conventional opened containers should be placed at least five meters from buildings.

When using the bag people must know that the bag is also flammable, so the whole thing can go up in flames.

People need to plan the use of the bag. The Fire Department urges people not to fill up with waste before having placed the bag correctly.

The bags must not be left unattended, particularly overnight.

if it is left overnight, it should be moved well away from the building, at least five meters. Moreover, one must think about accessibility for the fire brigade and others in the city.

Source: Oslo Fire and Rescue Department

The solution is to plan. If you have difficulty placing the bag, please call us and agreed on a pickup time in advance. We work from early in the morning to late at night every day, so we will help you getting the bag away quickly.

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